Thursday, April 29, 2010


Daddy. I miss you. You need to ditch this job thing and come home now. The Dowi and the Adam had you all week. MY turn NOW!
I don't want to rat out the momma, but... I have to tell you some things... Her lamb chops...NOT grilled. [She whined something about rain] ... Her rides? Hmmm, short, predictable... NO fun exploring. No sense of adventure. You know that there is nothing to steal in her car? Not one bag of snacks! Yes, daddy we did, all 3 of us, accidentally find and open that one bag in your car. I am sorry. If I promise not to do it ever again, will you come home now?
Also... do you know that momma does not unmake the bed to sleep in it? She fold back her covers and sheet and that's it. The bed is still all tucked in! What fun is that?
And the biggie... Daddy, don't ever eat the liver bits momma gives you. They are booby trapped. She puts allergy pills in them! I swear!
And daddy, I would like Einsten the horsey to come live with us, but momma has gone all strange on me and is not even discussing it with me. She keeps giving me weird phrases and saying weird stuff. Yes, that might be another reason why you need to come home. Pronto.
Yesterday she made all these noodles and we got none of them. See what I mean? NOT NORMAL!
And. I am somewhat POed at the fact that you are staying at the Monaco and I am NOT there. Are you doing the doggy cocktail hour with another dog? OMD! I can't even cope with that thought. Ehmmm have you seen Charlie? How is he? Please go visit him and giving him a nuzzle from me.

Your ever faithful little girl who loves you very much [please come home ]


Unknown said...

How is the Wendy taking your daddy's absence, 'vie? Hope she is OK with it. We know how much she likes him.

silvieon4 said...

The Wendy has taken up residence upstairs and only comes down for walks and meals... Daddy is missed a lot.