Friday, April 2, 2010

The TRUE meaning of life

Folks, JD here, I asked the kidlet [Silvieon4] to let me talk to you about something serious. Really serious. The true meaning of life. Do you know what the true meaning of life is? I do.

You don't have to go traveling to some mountain top to find the true meaning of life. It is in the everyday ordinary things - just pay attention. After all if Moses did not stop to listen to the Burning Bush, he would missed out a whole lot!

Like Moses, I heard the call. The call that revealed to me the true meaning of life. I called the Wendy to verify it. After all, such a monumental discovery could not be solely based on my bark alone. And when you find that "thing", you must seize the moment! You must rise to the occasion, and not be the coward that loses the opportunity to fear. In my case... I had to climb the chair.

And once I got there I took time to appreciate the magnitude of the discovery. I Kvelled in it! You don't find the true meaning of life, the very definitive meaning of life every day!

I sang praises to it, I admired it. I adored it.

And in the moment and in the spirit of benevolence... I looked at the outside world and forgave it for any wrong it had done to me, because now I was staring at truth. At joy. At the real meaning of life itself!

It was in the smell. That glorious smell that is an unmistakable cacophony of goodness, that microcosm of life itself, the smell....that is... CHOPPED LIVER! Think about it. Think about what you have to go through to get chopped liver! Think about the noble chicken that sacrificed it all to contribute to that beautiful expression of yumminess. Think about that texture, that delicious mouth velvet... think about Passover... Can the meaning of life be expressed better in any other way? I think not. No... I KNOW not.

I sit and watch and smell and I am humbled.
I am enlightened
Thank you - Now can I have some chopped liver?

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