Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bushy-tailed rat

This is one opportunistic dude! As soon as the ducks went to drink and bathe, he showed up to steal the crumbs. Maybe now momma can understand why we cannot allow or encourage the feeding and foraging in OUR yard. It sends the wrong message. Now we got Blue Jays and Red Robins and such coming for duck leavings... and then Bushy tailed rat and another guy that looks like some sort of floppy eared rabbit , I think. I tried to tell momma that she is not Dr Dolittle and that frankly this is not proper behavior for a nice lady. I never thought I would long for the shoe shopping days! 2leggeds. Can't live with them, can't live without them...

Meanwhile, still working on my duck plan which is hard to focus on when you are smelling Bolognese and meatballs ... all over the house. Mhh wonder if we are having ravioli.

anyway, later gators. I need to shake a few bushes and scare off some birds.



kissa-bull said...

we guard our backyard from those twee rat intruders most everyday
they are full of sneakyness so you cant let them think they rule your yard.
pibble sugars and wee wags
the pittie pack

silvieon4 said...

welcome to my blog guys, thank you for the advice, please feel free to visit often and don't forget the archives.

rocky-dog said...

I have decided to let Maddie (one of my airdale buds) and Callie (one of my std poodle buds) to do the bushy tailed rat hunt. One of the parks in our town had big problems with the bushy tailed rats. They were rudely wandering right up to babies in strollers and snatching food from their hands! Can you imagine the audacity???? In OUR park tho, Callie and Maddie keep the bushy tailed rats at bay. Myself -- I'm more for going after the crows -- and the ladies!