Saturday, April 10, 2010

No- I am pouting

I refuse to have my picture taken. I WILL NOT be seen in this get up. You think I am kidding? Think again.
Mad is mad. I have had enough.
Look, may I suggest you work out your clothes related issues in your shrink's office. Oh? You don't have a shrink? Not yet? Hmmm. May I suggest you get one on retainer?
Seriously momma. You are turning into one of those 2leggeds. You know the kind. You are just about 2 shades away from having blue hair, red cheeks and seasonal sweaters. And... soon you will dress up your toilet paper in doll's clothes, your broom will have some apron like covering... and your food processor will wear a sombrero or something. It is a slippery slope momma dear, a slippery slope and you done slipped. So pick yourself up and think about this. Do you want to go there??? Hmmmm???

you know who.
your formerly loving... 'vie

PS. Prosciutto? Would I do this for prosciutto? OMG. Are you trying to bribe me?
How much prosciutto are we talking about anyway?


Anonymous said...

Baby will only let me put scarves on her. Maybe a sweater when it's really cold.

Honey will let me do anything to her then go hide.

Cute outfits and you should get BACON for wearing them!!!!!

the booker man said...

hmmm. so there's still a bacon payment involved, but now this dress thingie is lookin' to be a regular event? i'm torn. you may have to just let the bacon go if you really hate the dress thingie that much.
*crying over the thought of letting bacon go*
the booker man

Unknown said...

'Vie, if your mama starts wearing seasonal sweaters, you let me know right away. It might be time for an intervention then. In the meantime, at least she's putting you in cute, fashionable outfits...:)

bichonpawz said...

I would definitely go for the bacon and / or the prosciutto!! You MUST get payment for wearing clothing. But you do look SERIOUSLY CUTE in that outfit!! XOXO we feel for you!!! Chloe / LadyBug