Wednesday, April 14, 2010

JD the fashionista

When walking on the boardwalk, JD insists on coordining his vest to the street. And posing nicely while resting.
Notice that the Wendy and I chose the buggy for our rest. After all we have solar fans in there and a pillow... and we are princesses.

JD... hmm he was working his target audience. 2-6 yr old female 2leggeds with ice cream faces [they taste good all smeared with ice cream... momma go figure out that calorie count... ha...] Anyway, that's how JD rolls.

more ice in water please.
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Vickie said...

Hi JD,
You look very handsome. I do like the way your blue clothes match the sidewalk.

Speaking of clothing, can you please talk to my mother about giving me hand-me-downs??? My mom gave me Rocket's purple pajamas. They have always been a bit too snug on Rocket, and now they are mine. Geez. Rocket, Benny, and foster Robbie have new larger-sized pajamas. Not fair. I did not get new ones. Oh, and Mom even got a small pair in case we ever get a smaller foster like Tori or Emme or Nina were. GRRRRRR! Did I get new pajamas? Nope - just the hand-me-downs.

Life is unfair. Think I will go chew on some baseboards or molding.

silvieon4 said...

Vickie, you are sooo right! You are a fab girl and you need your own pjs. Something girlie, something with ruffles... something pink! Your momma needs to step up to the plate and deliver! You are her fav girl and she needs to prove it!

silvieon4 said...

Vickie, get this, at the Bash on Sat there will a table of fab clothing your momma can pick up some great clothes, for free! Exchange table. Hand me offs not hand me downs! There are also some new things, so make sure she does the rounds!