Friday, December 17, 2010

I don't care about chewies

I want this coat thing off of me now!!!!
The Wendy
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rocky-dog said...

Oh Wendy (and Silvie and JD) -- I really understand! Mama made me a raincoat to wear because it's supposed to be a wet winter and specially for now since she can't give me a bath or anything until the show is over. But I gotta tell you guys -- it can get WAY worse.

Mama didn't know about it, which was a good thing, but the cast and crew of the show I'm in did a gift exchange -- I guess Janny put my name in or sumpthing. Any whoever got my name thought they would be cute and got me a reindeer antler hat and a jingle bell scrunchie neck collar thing. Talk about humiliation! ANd I think mama took a picture or something which she is threatening to post on my facebook page.

You ladies actually look kind of glam -- and JD the royal blue suits you.

bichonpawz said...

Oh yeah....I know that face!!! Chloe makes that very same face...every time I try to put ANYTHING on her!! And I bet you DO care about Chewies!!

Did I miss something....I don't see Silvie or JD??

Wall Lights said...

wow nice pics..