Saturday, December 25, 2010

Test driving the orangetang

You are a smug one....sitting on that couch like you own it. Want to see who is boss around here?

OFF the couch now!!! It is time you learn how powerful I am!

Growl and attack. Ignore the 2legged who can't figure out video mode on her camera! Feel my fury!

Squeak! I can make your belly honk and your feet squeak at will!

Now you know what shake rattle and roll means! Grrrr Orangetang grrrrr I tell you!

Ha! You are shedding out of fear!

I am the winner! You are conquered!. Ok now I am tired. Come, snuggle me.

You can stay. Yea yea, she is still trying to figure out how to video... whatever.... don't worry
in a minute she will be looking for the vac because you left some orange stuff all over...

Let's nap OK? I love you Orangetang.


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