Friday, December 24, 2010

Apologies and invitation to Santa Paws

Mhhh. I found this card momma received. Interesting. It is that Santa Paws dude with puppies and kittens. They don't look scared. They look sleepy. Maybe the dude is Ok after all? Maybe it was the mall that freaked me out. But generally I like malls...mhh mostly I like them from the safety of my plush buggy. So, I should invite the Santa Paws dude for cookies and some sort of an apology. Momma thinks for openers I should stop calling him "dude". Ooook. Mr. Sir Santa Paws, please accept my apologies for my behavior at the mall and please feel free to stop by for cookies, tart, cheesecake, caneles, whatever...

Sincerely, truly
PS please put me back on the nice list

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