Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ponderings and such

Circle of life- momma says that. I guess so. But ... fair IS fair. I think the Universe should somehow fill the voids left behind. How about it Universe? In memory of Bee Gee and Jefferson, how about it? Will you find forever homes for two of our White Dog Cottage residents? It would only be fair. No, I will not ask Santa Paws. [I am still freaked out about him... and he does not need to stop at my house, I am eating any cookie that is left out.] After all Universe, you gave Darby a home when Brittany left. So, you set that precedent. I am only asking you to continue it.
We need more good news. Plus, seriously momma looks awful when she cries, She is not a pretty crier. She gets icky and ...puffy... red eyed, red nosed...just a mess. But when she does the dance of joy with me, she is funny and actually easy to look at.

And BTW, this heavy feeling in my heart that you call grief, I don't like it, one bit. Why do you need to feel grief anyway?


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