Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My HERO award goes to Dr. Victoria Hampshire

http://blogs.usatoday.com/oped/2008/06/our-view-on-dru.html http://www.whistleblower.org/content/press_detail.cfm?press_id=1302

THANK YOU Dr. Victoria Hampshire, the brilliant veterinarian and FDA safety officer who collected and analyzed the data on ProHeart6. Her work forced ProHeart6 manufacturer Fort Dodge Animal Health, (Wyeth pharmaceuticals), to remove ProHeart6 from the market.

Dr Hampshire's diligence unleashed the wrath of Wyeth. The drug giant retaliated against Dr. Hampshire by hiring investigators to discredit her by gathering information on Dr. Hampshire's home, her tax records and a her website. NICE going Wyeth! Profit above all?! So why stop at killing a few dogs, ruining a few humans... whatever it takes... IN THE NAME OF PROFIT... truly despicable. In the end... after much infliction of distress on our hero, she prevailed.

Speaking for myself, other dogs and my 2legged family, WYETH WE ARE WATCHING YOU. Your greed will be your downfall. The real question for America is: If Wyeth can't be trusted , should America buy their products? http://www.wyeth.com/products


****** ProHeart6 is back on the market! Tell your 2leggeds that you don't want it!*****

A big fat raspberry to the FDA

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