Saturday, June 28, 2008

Harness or Collar Poll RESULTS

Oh my you all! Really? So who reads this blog? A bunch of belt and suspender wearers? I am willing to wear a fab collar because I am a fashionista, and I have lots of bling that has to go on my collar. Of course my id and stuff is in a capsule on my collar. I also own a number of harnesses. I mean if your human loves you you will get a harness for your bike basket, one for your car seat, a fashion one or two or three or four with bows, rhinestones, etc. A girls has to sparkle you know. BUT both at once???? Never tried it. I s'pose I could try it. I am skeptical. I will warn you. If I stand before my mirror and the dog looking back at me looks even remotely weird, fruity, Erkle like or like a What Not To Wear subject... well then the whole thing is off and no, no way will I post a pic of that! (I do have a reputation to protect) I mean... why would I risk making it on Mr. Blackwell's list?

Dior me

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