Friday, August 12, 2011

Good friends give the best advice

After a tough start to my day, I was lucky enough to have gotten some great advice. Thank  you, Marshmallow, Rocky and Kol. I had a heart to heart with momma while she washed my tush for the third time today...yes, I am ashamed to admit I was acting up. You know...I dragged my tush into the dirt and then come back inside all schmutzy. Each time, momma picked me up, washed me, brushed me and put aloe gel on me. She didn't yell, the last time she just said "Baby why are you doing this?" That was my opening. I walked to her computer and she followed me. I waited for her to sit down, hopped on her lap and watched as her system booted up. And when it finally did, it opened the last website she was on...yes, THE website.
I turned to momma and locked my eyes on her eyes. I never had to say a word! She knew! She cuddled me and called me a silly girl. Then she showed me the dog food company logo on the website. You all know how momma feels about most dog food companies. Most recalls are over, but the bad memories linger on. And dog food companies know that their misdeeds are not forgotten, so they turned to Madison Avenue and they are re-marketing themselves. This website is another clever way Madison Avenue is serving up the same old same old... OMD! I never even saw that logo! But then, I have never seen a dog food bag around here, so why would I be familiar with it? Soooo, all that was about how far dog food companies go to entice the two legged! Wow, do I feel foolish! I think I just showed you all my insecurity. Paging Dr. Freud...paging Dr. Freud. Just as I started to feel awash in shame, momma held me against her heart and she told me that I am and forever will be her baby. She told me that I fill her heart and soul. Then I fell asleep in momma's arms. I was tired, you know, I had a rough night and a rougher day.

Doggelganger my butt. This is MY life


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rocky-dog said...

Silvie, mama and I are glad you were able to clear the air with your mama. Sometimes you just have to go for it and it sounds like you did. See, I told you your mama wasn't going off like a hussy for some other 4legged! Boy am I glad that worked out! your bestest friend -- Rocky!