Monday, August 15, 2011

I am not a breedist, but....

I am so very grateful to be a Bichon. Mine is a proud breed dating back hundreds and hundreds of years. More importantly my breed transcends countries, language barriers, nationalities, politics, gender... anything! If a two legged is a Bichon lover, she/he is automatically a member of a very special groups and anywhere he goes, to other Bichon lovers he is like family.TBFR received a very nice invitation to join another Bichon rescue group... all the way from....AUSTRALIA!!!!!

And you know what? As redundant as it sounds for a Bichon group  to "join"  a Bichon group... because we are family...we had to say yes!

And what a lovely website you have! It is heart warming to know you are out there doing exactly what we do and providing safe shelter, medical care, food and love to Bichons in need. Do you guys do the dance of joy when you place a Bichon in his new forever home?

TBFR sec. at large [self appointed of course!] 

TBFR Ambassador  appointed by auntie Robin!

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Two French Bulldogs said...

You should be very proud
Benny & Lily