Thursday, February 26, 2009

DNA, smoking and science

ScienceDaily () -- " Molecular biologists have completely sequenced the first dog genome. Understanding how genetics plays a role in canine diseases could lead to new treatments for diseases shared by humans, such as diabetes, epilepsy and cancer. Breeders could also soon be able to check the purity of pedigrees by sending dogs' cheek swabs to the lab."

Yes, but the bigger news is that genetic mutations that cause common disease such as diabetes, are easier to isolate in 4leggeds and therefore easier to target for cure. And we all share those disease! If they can be targeted in 4leggeds and cured in 4leggeds, 2leggeds benefit as well!

You are welcome.

(Mhh. Back to that breeding reference. Just a thought here. With all this wonderful science, is it not totally stupid to promote indiscriminate breeding? So... why are puppy mills allowed to exist??

On the DNA thingy -- is this why we got all of our mouths Q tipped at every bash? I just thought you all were saving our spit. You know, like you save locks of hair, pictures, first tooth... I mean, my momma has my first collar... and she treasures it! It is too small, it is broken and the dingle bell is chewed up.... but she oohhhs every time she touches it. With that in mind... saving spit sounded reasonable to me.

Also interesting to note
is that ScienceDaily's Feb 10's report on smokers, They are more likely to quit smoking for the sake of their pets' health than they are for their own according to new research.
So, my advice to smokers. Don't. Get a dog. Go to a shelter and pick up a loving companion that motivates you to stop smoking. Besides, really, smoking is stinky.

Ohhh back to the financial pages. Have to keep tabs on that. The price of chewies and all.

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