Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally! My SIGNATURE look

Simple, elegant. easy to wear and quite fitting of my station.
A sweet tiara, because there is no denying that at heart I am a princess.
So. why fight it? Go with the flow, I am to the manor born, it feels right.



Anonymous said...

Silvie- I love the look, it is you. I think you should become a cannine fashion couturier! My mom says since I am a "BIG GIRL" (think chubby), I could probably pull off the Coco Chanel look with a triple wrap of beads and maybe even a quilted handbag to drag along. Be sure to look out for Cupid tomorrow. Regards, Your Friend Styling Tootsie

silvieon4 said...

Tootsie, dahhhrling, you are voluptuous. You follow in the footsteps of many many curvy sex symbols, I think you could easily do Coco, and play it up! Tell your mom you are beautiful. My sis Wendy is a bigger girl and we all joke about the junk in her trunk, but honey you need that junk to hold up that fantabulous tail of hers! Moi, Je suis limited by my petite features and bold just swallows me up. Ahh fashion is a cruel mistress and i am just a slave.