Thursday, February 19, 2009


Editorial from momma who makes me put earmuffs on any time she says the word vick...

Falcons seeking to trade rights to Michael Vick

02:56 PM EST on Friday, February 13, 2009

Associated Press

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP) -- Atlanta general manager Thomas Dimitroff says the Falcons will try to trade the contract rights on Michael Vick to another team.

In an interview that appeared on the team's website on Friday, Dimitroff said, "With regards to Michael Vick, we've decided to seek a trade of his contractual rights to another NFL club."

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Vick, a Newport News native, is in federal prison on felony charges related to dogfighting and is scheduled to be released in July.

Vick has a contract that runs to 2013 and calls for him to receive a base salary of $9 million and a bonus of $6.43 million in 2009. The remainder of the contract is worth $45.11 million, with another possible $3 million in Pro Bowl bonuses.

In that interview, Dimitroff also said, “We obviously have not had any discussions yet, but we think some teams might be interested in exploring a trade. If, for any reason, we are not able to complete a trade, we will re-evaluate our position and make the decision that is in the best long-term interest of our football team.”

"We feel a trade is the best move for the Falcons, and it's also in the best interest for Michael," Dimitroff said. "This has been a really unique situation from a variety of standpoints and because we will actively be involved in a trade situation, I don't envision our organization speaking any more about this subject publicly until it's reached a resolution."

The Falcons made a move last year for a quarterback, taking Boston College's Matt Ryan as their first round draft choice. He was last year's rookie of the year after leading the Falcons to the playoffs.

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NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY.... I COULD NEVER PAY TO WATCH that man PLAY! I suggest the Falcons trade him to a Siberian Team... or maybe a team in Mars. Really is there an NFL franchise out there that can handle this liability? Can any team afford to have a player that makes one's stomach turn and go queasy?... I mean I see that face and all can think about is the horror and pain and death he caused. Nuff said.

NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY... you cannot sanitize this away!!!

BTW, here is some good news on the Pitt Bulls recovered .

Thank you Silvie for allowing me to vent. I apologize for that card, but you know me. I see Bichons, I see nothing else. I am sorry.


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Anonymous said...

I promised my Bichon boys, DJ and Spencer, that I would make it my mission to do everything I could to see that vick never plays pro football again. The Falcons should donate the rest of the $ from vick's contract to rescue organizations and count that as $ well spent! Cindy Belley