Tuesday, February 3, 2009

STYLingggggggggg with Tootsie

Sporting the classic yet fresh Puppy Cut, Ms Tootsie is showing the world what a fashionista she is.

LOOOOOOVE IT! That bow, the sunglasses, OMG I love them!
[Momma.... I only have heart sunglasses... I don't own lip ones... A definite VOID in my wardrobe...]

Ms Margie does my do. I see her Friday, I have never had the courage to go Puppy Cut. You know... my long ears are sort of my security blanket. But hey, I might just go short. Tootsie... 4 stars **** for looking
like the star you are!

Ick. I had to push JD away from the puter. Double Ick - he drools. Triple Ick... he asked if you are single!!!

Hey 2leggeds, are you taking note? With Bichons like us, you need to upgrade your look. After all, you don't want people wondering why we are with you... Right????




bichonpawz said...

Is Tootsie your friend??? She is stylin' INDEED! She looks very beautiful!! Our mom wants Lisa to cut us shorter because we grow WAY tooooooo fast she says!! We need a cut like every 5 weeks! Hugs from Chloe and LadyBug, the Bichon Frises from Upstate NY

silvieon4 said...

Like me Tootsie is a rescued Bichon.
I get done every 4 weeks and yes momma thinks our hair grows way too fast. Do you guys have issues with certain shampoos and conditioners?
We have to be careful because otherwise we get the itchies. Hey next time you get "styled" send me a pic!