Monday, February 9, 2009


Guess I never really thought about it before.


It's kind of silly, no?

We went out on Sunday (like we always do) and the weather was perfect: warm, sunny, and breezy. And there were so many 2leggeds around to pet us!!! JD tried to steal all the attention (like he always does), but I used my new posing techniques to get some too (I’m really really cute).

But something weird happened to many of the 2leggeds who petted me; their words turned to mush.

Yes. Mush. For example, “Ohwhaddyprettywiddlepuppy!” and “Iwannaeatyouup!” I don’t know what these things mean, but I’m pretty sure the second one involves eating me. I’m so not into that.

It’s weird I don’t understand this funny language. I hear so many languages at home. Being a 4legged (and therefore ridiculously smart), I usually understand all languages.

I know "Zucchero filato" means momma loves me even though "spun sugar" in Italian might have some other meaning totally unrelated to me and therefore... meaningless. "Batuffolo" means “JD, momma wants you.” And we all know that. "Shukuor" is the Wendy. Mhh, Eritrean? I think it means “sugar”. Given momma's propensity to mix up French, Italian, English, Eritrean, and whatever else is playing in her head... Good thing we aren’t word dependant!

We met these nice ladies on Sunday. Their words got mushy and I could tell momma was totally lost. It seemed pretty clear to me that they were talking about how crazy cute I am. Momma was speechless which was awesome (she talks A LOT). Still, there is something I can’t figure out. I know 2leggeds don’t have the language skills that 4leggeds have, but Momma is used to mushy words. Why was she so confused? (Note from momma: They were speaking Portuguese! I don't speak Portuguese!!!)

Anyway, try the 4legged approach. Don't get hung up on words! Look at the expression, listen to the tone... the rhythm hear it with your heart. :)


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bichonpawz said...

Very wise words! I don't understand Portuguese either!!