Friday, February 27, 2009

Victoria Stilwell to help Shelter 4 legged

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Victoria Stilwell
We're thrilled to announce that Victoria Stilwell, internationally renowned dog trainer and star of the Animal Planet hit It's Me or the Dog, has offered to help one lucky Petfinder pup get adopted.

We've invited Petfinder shelter and rescue group members to send us a description of one of their adoptable dogs who has a behavior issue that could benefit from Victoria's advice.

We'll select finalists, and visitors will be able to vote for their favorite on from March 4-22. The dog with the most votes will be announced on beginning March 25.

The winning dog will get a complimentary telephone consultation with Victoria -- and best of all, when the dog is adopted, his or her new family will also have the chance to speak with Victoria to assist with the pup's transition into the new home.

We will detail the advice and progress here on the Petfinder blog so that more people and pets will benefit from Victoria's positive, reward-based training advice. We're huge fans of Victoria, a longtime pet-rescue advocate, and are delighted that she's lending her expertise to one of our adoptable pets. May the best (worst?) dog win!

Reprinted from Petfinder.

I know this Victoria 2legged. I have seen her on TV! I like her boots. And I like that pouch full of chicken she wears. I have issues. Get her here. I need help.... Mhh wonder what her chicken tastes like.... I am a rescue!

Ok, maybe I was rescued. LeavemealoneIjustwantedsomechickenbits!! Don't try and make me feel guilty... I am already there...

pondering my shame

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