Sunday, February 1, 2009

Like you have NEVER done that!

Don't look at me like that! I mean it!. I am just a little girl and sometimes I get into "things"... It is what it is, this maturation process is not INSTANT.

Do you want to tell me that you have never ever ever...

Fished in a waste basket so you could play with all the crumpled stuff??? You threw it out so I know you don't need it. I am just recycling in my own way...why should I feel guilty about that???

You never ever unrolled a roll of toilet paper just to see how long you could pull it until the paper broke? You should try it. It is fun and it is ONLY paper!

Oh yes and do tell. If tissues are not meant to be pulled out and chewed up, why do they make them so they pull out and taste good?

You never chewed a corner off a pillow? Pity... it is soothing... try it...

What do you mean pencils are NOT for chewing? What else would I use them for???? And I have seen one or two 2 leggeds chewing on a pencil!

Do not even go there. Yes, a good roll on the grass is beyond your understanding, but not beyond mine. Deal with it.

If frogs are not for chasing and catching, why do they hop so much? If you chased a few, you would not need to do your Wii yoga thing...which looks silly!

You have no sense of humor. It is really hysterical to ambush unsuspecting 2 leggeds in the bed. Sitting, fluffing, burying one's nose in human hair is such fun. And I have never really hurt you, really, quit whining about that.

Why do you act mortified when I help myself to some food. I mean, we share everything else, why can't you be nice and share your food without making a big deal out of it?

Stop making fun of my ehmmm snoring. I know you snore. I just have to catch you doing it.

And... really, referring to my you know what as a demi plie with a jete is NOT funny! This coming from 2leggeds that have to sit to pee?????

And afford me some privacy. My burying my treasures is NOT an invitation for you to find and toss them. Don't tell me you don't bury things. I have seen your closet. Nuff said. I rarely dig out anything in there. But when and if I do... remember what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

And my loving 2legged, remember "Living with a dog is messy—like living with an idealist." (H.L. Mencken)

NOT "shamed"

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bichonpawz said...

We just think you are the best 'vie! AND wish we lived closer so we could have play dates. Bet you could give us all kinds of pointers...ya know...stuff we might be able to get INTO! We are looking forward to our road trip coming up in March. We are going to the BEACH! Never been to one before. Mom will NEVAH be able to keep us clean....NO WAY! :) Hugs from Chloe and LadyBug - Your NY Bichon Frises