Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brown SQUIRREL cookies!

I got a whiff of sumeting!

Was on my back laying up against momma, getting my afternoon belly rub while she was talking on the phone to somebody. You know how it goes with 2 leggeds, they like to "talk" ... "Blah Blah Blah.... yawn... Blah... Brown squirrel cookies. Mh? Wait . Rewind. Did I dream "Brown squirrel cookies?" OMG. Say it again... come on, forget the blah blah ....say it.... please say it again... I promise to pay attention. Just say it once.... Blah Blah laugh, laugh cough, big laugh... (who is she talking to?????) BROWN SQUIRREL COOKIES! I heard it again! what about the cookies? What about BROWN SQUIRREL COOKIES??? I want one, no two, no I want 100. 1000. Should my mouth be watering?
What is a brown squirrel cookie? Does it taste good???? Oh the frustration, she is back to Blah blah blah. and ciao ciao... drat. She hung up the phone.

Ok, I need help here. I need, no I NEEEEEEEED to know about BROWN SQUIRREL COOKIES.
Anyone out there with info on this delicacy [?] cost, availability, etc etc... oh email me!

Brown squirrel cookies... what a concept!!!

Please, I am on pins and needles here

anxious 'vie

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Baby Silvie,
I have been baking brown squirrel cookies just for you. I even put ginger in them so that your daddy will not be tempted to eat them!
I hope you will share with JD and beautiful Miss Wendy.
Much love and hugs and kisses,
Auntie Robin
White Dog Cottage
Suffolk, VA