Thursday, September 25, 2008

the RAIN box

Ha ha pool people. No closing of the pool today, it is pouring! So, our morning walk became a morning dash and a shower. Ick. I hate wet. But, momma said because it is raining we get the rain box. Really I had no idea what she was talking about. But then she pulled out this small box with some toys I have not seen in a long time! The pulley monkey! I love her. She has long arms and legs you can tug and make long or short. There are also some old chews, and a green ball.

Mhh interesting. JD has decided he needs to sit and watch the rain come down, Wendy has decided she just wants to cuddle and I want to agree with her. Why don't 2legged make it a law that on rainy days we all stay home and cuddle? I bet everyone would like it. I mean why go out and get wet? Think about it. You could stay home, stay in your pjs, snuggle in, cuddle with your 4legged, kick back... read, rub a belly or two, or three... Nice, no?

JD has been watching the street. A thing, a sign has been "sailing" in the wind. When JD barked at it, momma looked at it and said "It is only a political yard sign, relax- pre election pollution."

Boy oh boy, this election stuff sure occupies a lot of 2legged time and energy. I figure it must be really life changing for all the time and effort that is invested in it.
Maybe one of you should be calling your 2legged running for office and asking them to make the rainy day law. I am just thinking.


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