Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's going on out THERE?

Boy oh boy. Busy last two days! I have been on patrol non stop. There are strangers around my house. 2 legged, weird ones. They carry things with them and they invaded my yard. They are not the gardeners, they are not pool people. They are messing around with the outside of my house. I don't like it. I have been vigilant and I have been on patrol with the Wendy and JD.
Too much is going on. Kids outside the house on the corner every morning and every afternoon...
Noise across the street with lots of banging and hammering. And leaf blowers. I hate those!
JD says this is normal. End of the summer, start of the fall normal. Hmm. JD says soon we will do the punkin thing with funny clothes and 2leggeds coming to the door. I remember that! I did not like the funny clothes on me, but it was fun to see the kids. I remember that many small 2leggeds wanted to take me home instead of candy! I have a home. I am home! I am not going. anywhere. And JD, Wendy and I have talked. This NON NEGOTIABLE. We do not get costumes unless one of our 2legged gets costumed. I think it is only fair.
You know what, I just realized that now we can go for walks during the day because it is not as hot as it has been. Hey momma. let's go for walk??? Please?

On the move

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