Monday, September 22, 2008

YES I am feeling great!

I am making up for lost time! Wendy and JD have no idea what to do to tire me out. :) Ha ha. I rested a lot when my tummy was all full of squirrels. Aha. It is true. My tummy felt like I had squirrels running loops in it. You know that feeling? Now, how do you suppose squirrels got into my belly? I bet those cookies had squirrel seeds in them! You know that if you plant seeds they grow? I think I grew squirrels because those cookies had squirrel seeds in them! Well no more of those things for me! Squirrels stay out of my belly, except.... for the squirrel treats from auntie Robin. How many more days until Bark in the Park? Those are safe and yummy and they smell delish. I need some. Like now. I have to rebuild my strenght you know.


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