Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am FALLing

I know it is overcast out there, BUT it is so nice too! Not too hot, (my tootsies really like not getting burned on the pavement and sidewalks. I still have pink spots you know!) not too cold. Enough of a breeze that makes your nose really feel alive. Smells just come your way!

We went for a long walk with the momma after a problem start. The Wendy was too scared to come down on her own. JD and I looked at each other... scared of what? The momma? Honestly Wendy, you need to get over this thing. Momma loves us.

We are a sight to see. From far away it looks like momma is taking us for a walk, but close up, it is easy to tell JD is dragging momma, I am "just right" and her side and Wendy always lags a tiny bit behind me. She is always ready to hide behind momma. For some reason, once we leave the house, Wendy is no longer afraid of momma. You figure it out... I gave up. I like fall, even though the birds are quiet today, I think that it will be raining soon.

By the lake we looked the blueberry bushes. "Almost ready" momma said. Ick. I am not coming to pick those things. They have thorns! And I don't eat them anyway.

We saw kids getting out of the big yellow 4 wheeler thing and we even saw some kids walking home. You know, they do not have a leash, but they have stuff on their back. Almost like a leash, no?

JD loved sniffing all the piles of dead plants, cut grass, and yard stuff that is waiting to get picked up by the city. As far as I am concerned, they all smell the same. But, I found something very interesting... I found a big, colorful floppy thing that was moving with the wind. I sort of had to chase it to smell it. Smelled like paper. Plastic. Wendy was so scared of it until I stood on it and it could not move. Then she came over and sniffed up like it was HER discovery. The nerve. Momma called a broken kite. So what is a kite? Paper that flies? How is it broken? Wait. I remember! Kites. At the beach. Flying with strings attached to 2leggeds! (You 2legged love holding strings, ropes, leashes... what's the deal? Afraid to be on your own?) Ahh this kite was "broken" no string to 2legged attached to it.

Long walk, lots of sniffing, lots of marking, lots of discovering makes for 3 very tired 4leggeds.
We came in, headed for our water bowls and then it was a race for the beds. JD has a thing for the red bed...Wendy and I just opted for the bed next to momma's bed. Serious tired=serious rest.

too pooped to pucker

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