Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On Duty and ON PATROL

I know you are thinking... "Lazy 4legged." Au contraire mes amis. We are working here. Do not let les environs fool you. The park like setting, the pool, the gardens, the soft cushions...It is a jungle out there. We are working very hard. We are observing, we are watching and we are protecting our boundaries. We even instituted a watch shift. Wendy is alert while JD naps. Too much going on in our neighborhood to just sit back and snooze.

Today a small 2legged pushing something while sitting down on a metal thing, came over. Very strange... He dismounted his metal pedal thing and then he rang OUR doorbell. The nerve.
When the momma answered he gave her something and then left. Can you believe it?

So why do the feel they can ride metal pedal thing into our yard?! Does this happen a lot? Mental note -mark yard boundaries, again- .

I am tired. I need to chill out tonight. I have just enough umph for a snuggle or two. Let's hope tomorrow things calm down a bit.


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