Sunday, September 28, 2008

my BUSY weekend PART2

Hey , I deserved a "spring" like break after law school! I love the boardwalk, and I love sniffing all the blue salty water. [Don't bother tasting it. It is really icky salty- always- I tasted it a couple of times. Don't drink it, it is disgusting] After a long walk on the boardwalk, we took over a whole bench and we chilled out for a bit.

Sometimes I think that our visit to the boardwalk are truly public service.

A. People see us and the immediately smile [if the don't... stay away from them, something is wrong with them] Generally, we make 2leggeds happy!
B. Invariably someone ask if I am for sale... [I wish I could capture my momma's face when they ask that] and when the ask about breeding me... or my Wendy ... or JD, well then I know I need to sit down and relax, because those 2leggeds are in for a long long lecture about breeding, puppy mills, rescue and humanity. It is a study in controlled rage on momma's part. I love it.
C. We provide people on the boardwalk with an opportunity to socialize with three of the best 4leggeds they will ever meet and we show the world what rescue is, and as a TBFR alumnae I want them so see how special we are.

So, it is not all play. It is also work. :)
Civic minded

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