Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yesterday we went out to do errands with the momma. You know the usual, bank, pharmacy, dry cleaners etc. The nice man at the pharmacy gave us treats. I had never had one of those types of treats and I gobbled mine up right away. Ugh. Apparently my stomach did not like it at all, even though my mouth loved it. I spent all night sick and this morning I am still a bit wobbly from it all.

Momma said JD can't eat those treats for the same reason. Wendy was icky as well. So, don't you think the momma should tell the pharmacy guy to switch to a treat we can have? Momma says it is not polite. From now on we should say thank you, but we just ate and pass on the offer. I don't think that is fair. He is giving out treats, he should know what we can have! I don't want to miss on a treat! What do you think?

I did not like being sick. Momma rubbed my belly a lot and held me. That was nice. It was nice knowing both her and daddy knew I was sick and knew how to take care of me. I forgive her for squirting the icky stuff in my mouth, 'cause it did make the achy belly stop aching. This morning I feel better. I think .

On the mend

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Anonymous said...

Aww poor babies! Definitely don't have those treats again, no matter how yummy they might taste!