Sunday, July 24, 2011

Celebrate, Dance! Dance of Joy!!!!

"Yesterday, Libby was adopted by her foster mom, JoAnne of Chesapeake, VA. 
Libby, the puppy mill breeding female is emotionally scarred but through MUCH love and patience,
JoAnne has helped her progress one baby step at a time! Congratulations!

Freddie, trained and handled by his dad Carl Hall of Chesapeake, VA, has become a certified therapy dog! Pictures, Carl! We want pictures!! "

This happy announcement came from auntie Robin.  Now, that's a fantastic way to start the new week!  So, GET UP, grab someone, or go stand in front of a mirror and do it!  DANCE!  Do it with joy, do it with abandonment, do it like nobody is looking, 'cause you know what?  NOBODY IS looking!!!! JUST celebrate!   And since you just burned off a few extra calories, go ahead, have pancakes for breakfast!  Just dance your way to that breakfast table!

Now for my wedge of reality... Had it not been for TBFR  Freddie would be a blind little dog with not much of a future. Juvenile cataracts had robbed him of his sight. So, a few bake sales here, a few bake sales there [thank you Dr. Klemm for the use of your parking lot],  a few donations here, a few donations there,  and lots of hard work from some absolutely wonderful people, and Freddie had surgery. It took a few surgeries, and now, Freddie has become a certified therapy dog.
Congrats Freddie, was uncle Carl hard to train?

Don't you hear it, in the back of your head?  That little voice that says, give every dog a chance, look what they can do. You should be hearing that voice and it should be followed by a whole chorus of voices!!!  RESCUE ROCKS!!!!!


waltz me into the kitchen momma.... dip keep those knees, stay with the rise and fall... come on...


bichonpawz said...

Rescue DOES Rock!!! Rescue PEOPLE Rock!!! Rescue DOGS Rock!!! Soooo happy for those dogs!!! WooHoo!!!

We are doing the dance!!!

Dance! Dance! Twirl! Dance!!

xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

We're dancing right along with you Silvie. Rock on rescues!