Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some dreams are worth falling asleep for


Good morning world! Wake up! I fell asleep to the sound of rain last night. I love that. Gentle rain, that is,  not thunder and accouterments. The thing is, sometimes, the dream that sleep engages you in, is so good that waking up to reality can be a real disappointment. There I am trying to process the dream and to sort it out from reality.   Mh. Great dream. But I can't write off the day so early in the morning, just because the dream was so great, can I?   That would pretty much make me want to give up dreaming for fear of disappointment when I wake up. No no no no.
There is only one way out of this. It is the only reasonable way out.  Give yourself time to "digest" that dream before you actually put paws to the floor, and then, BE INSPIRED by the dream.

So maybe you can't grow wings and become Madame President, but maybe you can make everyone in the house part of your transition back to reality.  You know, be PRESIDENT FOR THE DAY and  be carried everywhere. Now, that will make the day special and you don't have to feel disappointed!  I think everyone here will go along, nobody wants a depressed Silvieon4. She is NOT fun.

I like it.  JD you could be my Sec of State, Wendy you could be my VP.... Momma wants to be a Kissinger... what is that???

Claim your spot in my administration, really momma, "Minister of silly walks???" ... First  you want to be a Kissinger  [is that some German car???] now Minister of silly walks???? You are not taking me seriously. You are frittering away a golden opportunity. You could be the new head of the FDA, I know you could make some changes there! 

I am doing it. As Madame President, I would like eggs and ham for breakfast and I would like to like a Marmite dipped spoon. Please, carry me to the family room.

Madame President  'vie

PS/. I would like round ice cubes in my water.   I have just discovered those and I like them.

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