Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Kirbiethedorkie kindly nominated us for the Verisatile Blogger award. The rules for accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are to share seven facts about ourselves and then pass the award on to fifteen new, or newly discovered, bloggers. Oh course we thank Kirbie and wanted to properly do a post as,  I am obligated to honor the rules for accepting said award, so, here goes my compliance. What don't you already know about me? After more than 2000 posts... there is very little left to discover. But here is my best try.

1.  When I adopted my two legged family, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had met them, I knew right away I liked them, [what's not to like, I got kissed and belly rubbed like it was their job!], but I had no idea that my new family is the embodiment of multi-culturalism. My momma was born in Africa, but momma's family is Italian and my daddy  was born in Ohio, but my daddy's family comes from Latvia.Within the first week I got exposed to so many different foods and smells and traditions that I was constantly asking JD and Wendy "what is it?".  JD knew everything, Wendy had no idea. She just kept telling me "Wait until she makes soup". Wendy loves soup. Soup is universal. 

2.  I bonded to Wendy right away because we both had been at White Dog Cottage as residents. JD had only been there as a visitor, but he really gets mad if you tell him he is not a TBFR alumnae.

3.  I quickly discovered that before us, another Bichon named Kody lived with my family. His picture is on the coffee table and there is a set of pictures of him in the Florida room. When momma talks about him her eyes leak big time. I kind of wish I had met him. Momma tells us that Kody was a gentleman, sweet, kind and loving.  I wonder how she can miss him when the three of us are around, but she says she misses him.

4.  I love to fall asleep to the sound of instrumental guitar, like this
add a belly rub at the same time and that is perfection!

5.  I absolutely HATE going to the vet and I shake like a leaf and grip momma and try to leave at every opportunity. I love my vet. It's not him... it's his job I hate. Kisses to Dr. K.

6.  I am addicted to Marmite. Seriously. It is delicious. I want my own jar for my birthday. I want to lick it out of the jar.

7.  I hate cigarettes, and I hate the smell of smoke. When we had the two bee hives "relocated"
from the gazebo, the smoke was nasty and I refused to go outdoors for a few days. BUT I love smoked fish and smoked cheese.

Now for my 15 picks for Versatile blogger:

1 .
2 .
3 .

And there you have it!. Having fully complied, I formally and gratefully accept the Versatile Blogger Award!

'vie... versatile 'vie


bichonpawz said...

'vie! Thank you EVER so much for this wonderful award!! You guys never cease to amaze us....we are always learning something new about you all. xoxoxo Chloe and LadyBug

(We MIGHT have to check out that Marmite stuff...if you recommend it so highly...)

Auntie Robin said...

Congratulations, little Silvie!
You deserve this award. I love blogs that have good information and HUMOR!
We love to laugh at White Dog Cottage!!

In addition to the wonderful blogs listed, I would highly recommend the following:
Fully Vetted by Patty Khuly DVM
The Truth About Dog Food by Susan Thixton -- I never miss these!

silvieon4 said...

Auntie Robin, you are right! These two blogs are terrific. I am adding them to my list!