Monday, July 18, 2011

The self appointed PANTRY SENTRY

"His self- MR JD- or as I like to call him MR R.PITA [R= royal PITA= pain in the arse] has appointed himself PANTRY SENTRY. He stationed his kitchen observation bed right at the entrance of the pantry. You can't walk in or walk out without his knowledge or consent. This sudden desire to join the working class is quite different from the perpetual couch lounger I have known him to be. I was puzzled at first. I was fascinated by the sudden call into service. I approached him to ask him about it and my nose stopped me. Two good deep sniffs resolved the mystery. The self appointed PANTRY SENTRY was down here when the groceries were unpacked. I am sure his new job has everything to do with a fat, big leg of Virginia ham that is now hanging high above everything in the pantry.

Well Mr PANTRY SENTRY, while I admire your sudden call into service, should I tell you about salt cured ham? Even if, by some magical intervention, that thing were to fall right into your bed, at most you would take one bite because it is saltyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... You know what? I am not going to say a word. I like the fact that now you have a job. Hahahahaha.

Hey momma, the PANTRY SENTRY has vacated the couch, your pillows are nice and safe.

Sometimes when momma and I cuddle, and I lay on her,she reads her I Pad. She has lots of cooking magazines on the I-Pad. If I am getting a belly rub while she is reading, occasionally I don't fall asleep right away, so I read whatever she is reading. And that whole article on salt cured ham was interesting. Knowledge is POWER~!



Two French Bulldogs said...

what a good spot
Benny & Lily

Kolchak Puggle said...

Good call Vie. You don't want salt ham until the Mama has worked her magic and made it woooooonderful!

bichonpawz said...

You never cease to amaze us with your knowledge 'vie!!!

That iPad thing is VERY interesting...don't ya think??? We learn some pretty fine things on there too!!!

JD does have a pretty cool looking bed though...
xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Pamela said...

That looks like a REALLY comfortable bed, Silvie! We are considering adopting a Bichon in the near future and glad to have come across your blog.

I do have a question though. How do you manage to keep Silvie looking so white all the time, especially her face area? I am really interested in learning some tips. Will check back for a reply! :o)

silvieon4 said...

Discoloration is the result of bacteria build up. I am a firm believer in wiping down the face after meals and before bed and first thing in the morning. All three of my babies know that they get their face wiped and then they get a belly rub. I also believe that a good healthy home cooked diet is a huge factor in skin condition. Both Silvie and Wendy had lots of eye "goo" when I first got them. Within a month that was history. I guess my OCD pays off occasionally.

silvieon4 said...

PS, Pamela, be patient, be loving, be kind, ADOPT and open your heart to a Bichon, remember Anais Nin was right, "life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage". Boy is your life going to expand! Unconditional love is coming your way! Stay in touch!

Pamela said...

Thanks for the tip! When I adopt my Bichon, I will definitely get into the habit of face wiping often and especially after eating. Do you just use a wet cloth soaked with plain water?

I am also interested in the homemade diet you speak of. Where can I get more details about it? I've always fed my previous dogs dry dog food so I'm clueless.

Perhaps I should email you instead but I don't see your contact info anywhere.

Have a great day!