Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Soooo, recently the momma has been in contact with her best friend from kindergarten! I know. Talk about ancient history right? They have been talking on Face Book and momma's friend published some pictures of them as puppies children.
Now, check out this picture above, my momma is in the middle, and her best friend is Danila on the left. Ok, now for the weird part. Momma loved her friend so much, that when she got a sister, she named her after her best friend.  Precedent having been set, if momma brings home another four legged, and it is a girl, I get to name her Wendy because Wendy is my best friend!

So while she was in that melancholy mood, she pulled out some old picture albums. Did you know that they used to print all the pictures on paper?  They did not even have a way to look at them on computer! What? They did not have computers? Are you joking? How did they live? No really, HOW on earth did they live without computers?  Wow... we are really talking old times!

Back to momma's nostalgia.... Check out  this "pose".I call it the " My belly is ok, my dress is pretty and I got a purse" pose.

Hahahahahahahaha!  Her only comment?  " I had a bad director!" And you know what? I believe that she actually thought that even as the photographer  took her picture.  Look at the eyes.  It's that same look she gives when she is about to tell you off...Even as puppy little girl she had it !  Some things just don't change.

And this picture! Momma was three years old. [ I was three last year]  and in this picture momma is giving the photographer the "eyes"... Oh we have all gotten "the eyes".  Back me up Dowi. You have gotten "the eyes" right? Don't fall for "the eyes". You are thinking innocent, you are thinking sweet.  Nahhh Think more... instant guilt inducers.  Look quickly, then avert that stare, before you start feeling guilty for all that is wrong on the word... Is this what you would call Betty Davis eyes?? We just call it "the Look".

Momma?  Are you mad? Don't be, you were a cute puppy! little girl!  I sure JD would have licked your whole face, you know, he loves little girls!


Maybe I should go somewhere  and nap while somebody gets over this post...


Marshmallow said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing Silvie. Your mama is very pretty. I love looking at pictures of my mama from "the olden days" as she calls it. But did you notice that everything was grey back then? I wonder when color was invented?!

silvieon4 said...

OMD you are sooo right! I wonder when color was invented. I think they made a movie about that... mhhhhh

Marshmallow said...

Can you just imagine how boring it was back then...no pink, no purple, no sparkles, just grey?! Booooring.

rocky-dog said...

Apparently there was also brown -- mama says it is called sepia (whatever that means). But you are right the "old time" pictures, while they are often pretty, are pretty boring. I wonder if you gurgled "color" you might find out when color was invented. Thank DOG that we live now when we have all kinds of color around!

Two French Bulldogs said...

oh my goodness great pictures
Benny & Lily