Monday, September 20, 2010

doing MUTT STRUTT III in Suffolk VA

New buggy, and a chance to try out the suspension system on this "carriage" {Please read this with a French accent, it sounds better, try it... Ca RRRia ge.... BIEN!}
Daddy had to scout the path...

To Check in! You think the sign was big enough?

Not fair! Momma and nonna got a ride on one of the the golf carts!!!! We are just depending on daddy power to get there! So, slow... and easy.... I guess.... Can we put a motor on our Carriage??
Hi Auntie Robin!

Ehmm fall... Not so much, feel like summer in the sun, looking for shade... This Carriage has no air conditioning???

Mutt Strutt is not yet officially open and already it is a getting full of activities and people.

Auntie Sharon is preparing the baskets..

Happy Birthday Uncle Jack, so are you 5 yet?

I sniff nothing [food wise] coming from over there....

I am NOT a breedist... But.... snakes??? There is a snake rescue??? OMD.... Nothing personal guys, but... let's stay "amicably distant" ok?

This is gorgeous Kip. He is up for adoption. I tell you, the best looking Bichons come from Tidewater Bichon Rescue and from White Dog Cottage!!! He is a very nice little boy and I am so hoping he gets adopted near me!!

I am confused, why would free nail and ears grooming be a GOOD thing???? Leave me alone!!
I just got my spa day!

I am pooped. Home please, but before we go...

Liver me!!! Liver Slivers all around please....

I think I need to call those guys from Pimp my Ride, I have a few modifications I want done on my "Carrriiiaaageee"...



Mommy, I'm Home said...

Very nice new ride, 'vie. Chica is jealous. She has to use her own leg power to get her around the blog!

silvieon4 said...

Grass makes me itchie and blistery... strange grass does that... so we ride, but we do walk around the neighborhood...A lot... maybe too much... Why can't you people just carry us?

rocky-dog said...

like the new wheels -- mama makes me walk -- says it is good for my figure! but is is good for her figure too???

Mama says we need the recipe for liver lips! do you thing your mama can share, please?

It looked nice and sunny. We are definitely having fall already.


silvieon4 said...

You have to ask auntie Robin for liver lips recipe. She makes those and liver slivers. The rescue sells them and stingy momma gives them out one at the time! I have a liver brownie recipe which momma hates to make because it stinks up the house, but we love it to death!