Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Earl is coming

For all of us on the eastern seaboard:


Thursday, June 24, 2010

National Disaster Preparedness Month... JUNE

Preparation for pets

  • Keep your pets’ vaccinations up-to-date.
  • Scan you pet's medical file into a portable flash drive. Most vets will NOT treat without a full medical history, beyond emergency treatment.
  • Know where your pets can go whether it’s a friend or family member, pet-friendly hotel, animal shelter, or boarding facility.
  • Place your contact information, including the name of an out-of-state contact on your pets’ ID tags, microchip registrations, and licenses.
  • Prepare an emergency kit of leashes, collars, extra ID tags, water, food, medications, health records, and photos to prove ownership.
  • Have on hand portable carriers large enough for your pets to stand and turn around in.
  • Prepare a first-aid kit, including your vet contact information and an authorization to treat your pets.
  • Gather any relief plans developed by your local Red Cross chapter; emergency management office; or police, fire, health, wildlife and agriculture departments so you know where to turn for specific resources.
  • also see and download THIS BROCHURE
  • Yes, we have covered this topic before BUT did you do it yet???
Don't count on FEMA. PETS are NOT their focus.


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