Sunday, September 5, 2010

You come up with the caption....

So, here is how it went down... I had these really crazy funny pictures of strange two leggeds in weird looking "outfits" doing some strange bizarre things. Really seriously funny stuff. The kind of stuff that makes you scratch your head and shake it in disbelief.

The kind of stuff you would have called in aunt Harriet to look at it. She would have looked. She would have blushed, and muttered "Oh my" ... but secretly she would have loved it!

Did you know my "self appointed editors" are human? Yea, the are. Two leggeds. They edited.

This is what they published as "funny". [Rolling my beautiful black almond shaped eyes]My stuff they called... "offensive"... To whom????? Sigh

My next contract negotiation will have a content clause. Yes it will. For now, "enjoy"... what... ever.....

Funny Animals

Funny Animals

Funny Animals

Funny Animals

Funny Animals

Funny Animals

I feel my creative juices being corked...
I feel MUTED...
Hey hey what about the first Amendment????



Anonymous said...

You don't have almond shaped eyes to roll -- you can roll your round black-button eyes though.

It's what separates us Maltese and Bichons from those poodles.


silvieon4 said...

Dude, when I squint... almond shaped. I squint a lot when I am not happy....