Thursday, September 23, 2010


Yes daddy. I will be a good girl.
Ok daddy. No cutting in front of JD!
Ok daddy. No jumping on the Wendy. [Wendy knows I am just playing!!!! Why does it bother you???]
Ok daddy. No wrapping my leash around your legs, but really do you know how funny you look when you try and unwrap it?
Ok daddy, no licking strange things.
Ok. daddy I will not pull , tug or snag the leash.
Ok. daddy, no going ahead of you.
Ok. daddy... OK can we go now??
Fine, you want a kiss after this lecture? Whatever.... I just want to go, how humiliating!

2leggeds... you can't do a thing with them, in public!
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Granite State Pet Sitting said...

That is alot of OK DADDY! We Sure hope he gave you a few treats while be was lecturing you!