Friday, September 17, 2010

The open secret

We Bichons are in a unique position. We witness all the good and bad that goes on in our family. Aside from discussing it with each other and occasionally at the Bash or Bark in the Park with other dogs, we generally are great secret keepers. We shoulder that burden because we love our two leggeds. BUT, some secrets, like champagne bubbles, eventually come to the surface.

Momma's friends know her very well. Apparently her secret is OUT. Yes, momma is a shoaholic. We are not talking casual shoe dabbler here. We are talking hard core addiction. We are talking cataloging her "shoe Bible" which she takes with her [now electronically... thank you ] on her shopping trips.

Only a real addict would lust for the Louboutin 2007 Anemone Verte or for the 2008 Very Noeud Rouge, or for a vintage Maud Frizon 1980 suede pump with a crossover strap in azur... or a 1950 gold T strap Vivos sandal.... or a 1924 d'Orsay....When momma whispers a name in her sleep, it is likely to be Stuart Weitzman or or Manolo... or Brian Atwood... or Ferragamo... if she is whispering it in her sleep, it makes shoes. That 's a safe bet. Like is said. Maybe calling it an addiction is to trivialize what it is. It is more like an obsession.

I am almost afraid to measure it against her love for all Bichons. Would we measure up? Ask momma where she wants her ashes sprinkled and she will answer " Joined with the ashes of all my departed Bichons over the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada.

Well I am safe. I don't have a passport.

But ponder this. The woman only has the 2 feet. It would have been so much worst had she been blessed with 4 feet... and since she has itty bitty feet for a human, who will be wearing her shoes after she gets sprinkled over Bata? I have a solution! Put a sign over her closet that reads
Mini Bata- Chesapeake and charge admission! All funds earned could go to rescue!

Daddy, you should know... you can't take a visual count only. Those shoe boxes... some hold multiple pairs...

There, it's all out in the open now. Auntie Darlene, thank you for the apron. She has been dancing around the house wearing it. And thank you for the opportunity you gave me to unburden myself of this secret.

Looking at my naked paws, just like I like them


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Two words: Imelda Marcos...

bichonpawz said...

Hey! What about Jimmy Choo????? Oh the stories I could tell about shoes....for a time...when I was umm...younger...I worked for the Brown Shoe Company! And I wore a sample size...which gave me zillions and zillions of fabulous shoes to choose from!!! I wish I had kept them after all these years!! Of course, I cannot walk in heels like I used sadly...most of my shoes are flats these days! Enjoy each and every single pair of those fabulous shoes!!! Jeanne (ps...'vie...I am positive that your mom loves you MORE!)