Thursday, September 9, 2010

MORNING ramblings...

Post squirrel chase, I want to play with JD!!!

Wendy wants to go in, she smells food!!!

Morning ramblings. Mhh the Bushy Tailed Rat [BTR] was looking into the pool this morning. Weird. It took a while to convince momma we needed to go out there and give him "swimming lessons". Yea, that's it, "swimming lessons". When it comes to the Bushy Tailed Rat, we four legged believe in tough love. Throw him in the pool and "teach" him out to swim. It is for his own good... you know... But, by the time momma wiped her hands and let us out [she was bageling...] the BTR was on to another failed attempt at whatever it is it does... BTR has a very short attention span...

In any case, we had a nice chase around the yard and basically asserted ownership and territorial imperative and all that rot.

Came back in to find that "bageling" was in full progress. Smells divine in here. Seriously, what is better than a fresh baked bagel schmeared with something delish? Momma and I are partial to Vegemite... or Marmite. But the rest of this family wrinkles their noses to that and would put anything else but that. Peasants. Momma and I think they are just plain wrong. I don't mind cream cheese and gravelox, even butter, but... cream cheese and Marmite.... HEAVEN!!!

The booby trapped bagels with raisins [DEADLY THINGS!] are for the daddy. He loves those with peanut butter. [2 leggeds will eat anything.... ] Why you would ruin peanut butter by putting it on something deadly is beyond me...

In any case, bagels are going into the oven. I must go sit and wait. I am NOT missing my opportunity for my share of bagel.

Later gators!!
[no I have no idea what that means, but I heard it and I like it]

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