Sunday, September 26, 2010

Working miniature horse

Yesterday at the Tomato Festival I saw this 4legged pulling a bunch of 2leggeds. Honestly I was confused. At first I thought he was some sort of giant Chinese Crested dog. No I am not dumb.
Look at the similarities. And my friend Larry, the Chinese Crested looks very much like the dude pulling the cart, but he is smaller.

Then momma started talking to someone about pony rides and the carriage rides and "miniature horses". Where? That dude? That's a miniature horse? What did they do leave him in the dryer too long? Did they wash him in hot water? I mean, that happened once to one of momma's sweaters. The woman whined for days about the fact that it was supposed to be "IRRETRECISABLE" pre-shrunk or something.

So I went up to the "miniature horse". I said hello. I tried not to be obvious when I sniffed him out. Well, let me tell you... he said... nothing. Not a bark, yep, yelp, grunt, snort, nothing... Either he was clearly a breedist and not into Bichons, or, those weird flaps by his eyes momma called "blinders" kept him from really focusing on moi. In any case, had he actually engaged in a conversation with me, I would have asked him about his job. Looked like a hard job. I barely tolerate my vest and leash, I can't even imagine wearing that whole get up of pulleys, and straps etc. etc. I love my job. I mean who would not want my job? I get to de stress my humans by offering up the belly for rubs. My job is all about the kisses, belly rubs and wags. And while it is not always easy to get the 2leggeds to cooperate, it is a very enjoyable job.

Ohhhhh, I never thought of that!!! JD says that generally you are not allowed to chit chat while you are on duty. So sorry Mr. Horse. I did not realize that ! I do hope I did not interrupt you or disturb you. I guess I admire your sense of concentration and duty.

Hopefully the next time I see you you will be off duty and we can chat. Maybe I can get momma to bring you a treat or something. In any case, you looked very "official".


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bichonpawz said...

Oh my! We have never seen such an animal either! He does look like a GIANT Chinese Crested! We would have done the same thing as you...except LadyBug...she might have been too scared. And what IS it with that leather and straps?? We shudder to think....xoxo Chloe (and LadyBug too)

Pup Fan said...

The resemblance is uncanny!

Happy blog hopping!