Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Garden Center VISIT

In their ongoing quest for ultimate control over the "uncontrollable" yard and garden, my two leggeds spend lots of dirty paper on stuff. In the spring they are "planting" and mulching and bug controlling, and hoses and all kinds of useless stuff I am not even allowed to sniff.

It is almost forgivable. We did get lots of flowers, but then I WAS NOT allowed to taste, roll into or otherwise rub myself on the flowers. So what was the point?

Then summer came and more garden stuff. Please note that the grape arbor produced grapes and that the bushy tailed rats once again got all of them.... So one must ask again....what was the point?

I enjoyed the stuffed zucchini flowers, I did enjoy the stuff momma picked and put on the chicken and lamb, but.... was all that effort worth it? I dunno. I think all that time could have been invested in belly rubs... and all that dirty paper could have bought me some serious chewies...

And now we are back at the garden place. I have no idea why. But I do know that I am not sharing this cart with any bag of anything smelly. Seriously. I just got groomed. And I have a busy weekend ahead of me. The Neptune Festival, The Neptune Festival... seriously. I have a social calendar, you know.

My advice as far as the yard is.... 1. accept mother nature. 2. find the beauty in things as they are. Some weeds are beautiful. OHHHH Yea. kill the stuff that makes me itch. You should do that. The rest of it 3. leave it alone!!!! That's just my take.

invest in belly rubs, the payoff is better

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Mommy, I'm Home said...

I'm with you, 'vie! (Although I am thinking my next yard will consist of concrete and/or pavement. No more grass for me!)