Friday, July 25, 2008

Owning YOUR territory- The backyard

You , the Bichons out there, know that one of the most important jobs you have is to guard your territory. Your yard is YOUR territory. You must explore every inch despite the perils and consequences. The herb garden- make it yours. I know I know... walking in the rosemary and in the thyme and tarragon, you will end up smelling like a lovely roasted chicken... or a roasted potatoes... BUT it Must be done...

The grape arbor... Make it yours. Do not let the "jangly" things scare you. They are there for the squirrels. {Public enemy NO.1!}

And now we come to interlopers... ie....

Ducks! How dare they???? MY YARD! MY HOME!!! Although... they do leave behind duck poop which is a precious scent. Silvieon2 says if I catch the duck she will cook it. Wendy loves duck. WE get some when we go out to the Oriental food mart. Smoked tea duck. YUM...
Ok , come closer my lovelies... closer.... closer so we can eat you!
Along the fence, sooo many dangers!

Be careful . This plant makes you purple. So do not roll in the flowers. You get a bath, right away , ick....This one has thorns... and I tasted the flowers. Ick. And it stinks... And the 2legged love it. WHY???

Going under this big bush is not fun, you get wet, it is always wet under there, so... avoid it unless you are chasing public enemy no.1....

The "back corner"

On the other side of the fence there is a wild one... a LAB. 4legged and ill mannered. He is the source of grief and the object of much stalking by Wendy and JD. It is a territorial thing. You would not understand. JD and Wendy have assumed the job of back corner patrol- just in case... the lab does not know that this is OUR yard.. I hang back. I am what you would call "auxiliary forces". I join in only after a confirmed sighting of the lab.

I must admit, I love... "chillin" under the big magnolia tree.... Nothing beats a little shade and some breeze. You get flooded with smells, yummy, interesting smells from everywhere:

Others... just love sunning themselves. And.... after a full patrol, YOU do need to RELAX....

Owning my back yard!


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Mama B said...

What a great post! I love playing in the herbs in my yard (okay, tiny porch) too! Must protect them from those squirrels!(Except my mom - she's ok I guess).