Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SKYSPARKS and bangs

So, I am talking to "the" Wendy and JD. 2leggeds around here were pulling out grill pieces and talking about this weekend. Suddenly when the skewers came out, "the" Wendy went a little crazy. She ran inside and hid under the chair. So... I followed. I follow her lead 'cause she knows so much more because she was here first!

Apparently when those skewers come out some sort of sky sparks and noises happen. JD said it is nothing but the 4th of July. Ok. What 'zackly does that mean? Am I staying put under the chair with the Wendy, hiding until this is all over, or do I follow JD outside and work the "crowd" for bits and pieces from the grill? You do see my dilemma.

JD tried to tell me that 2leggeds make the big noises and skysparks because they are happy. OMG. Really? That is really true???? I suppose you must make allowances for those unfortunate tailess ones. I mean how else are they suppose to show they are happy??? Like I said if that is the case, one must make allowances. [A nod to Brandi... you are sooo right on. Tails would have been sooo nice for you]

Speaking of handicaps...same same for shoes. Yea, shoes. I am so very sure the reason my 2legged girls are crazy about shoes is because they have to compensate. Honestly. I know it is a counter intuitive argument. But it is a valid one. Had they been born with the proper amount of paws [ugh.... legs] that whole shoe fetish thing would not happen. But they focus on the 2 to the point of obsession. [Hope Silvieon2 does not read this.... she loves loves loves shoes.....] I shudder at the thought of the consequences had they been born mermaid. Legless. Footless. What would they have indulged in? Finn piercings? Tail tats? Ick. Anywho.

This Fourth big bang theng. If I know my humans, they will keep us very safe and very very far from exploding anything. I think I have settled the matter as follows. I will keep the Wendy company, but I will go back and forth and I will watch the skysparks from the air conditioned comfort of my window seat with JD. As far as nibbles go... I am practicing my best beg poses.... :)

playing it safe

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