Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The Complete Petrosexual: A Handbook of Style for the Modern Dog - Yes you read it correctly. My humans have been cackling about this book.They think it is cute, funny, witty, clever, blah blah blah. You do notice nobody said a word on how it tastes? I need to know if any of you have actually tasted it. So far I have not been given that opportunity. I do feel somewhat exploited by the title, but then I am very very PC and the human world simply discounts PC when it comes to dogs.
In any case, true to my Bichon nature which needs to please, I have to ask: "am I Petrosexual enough?"
vixen vannabe

The Complete Petrosexual

(I've added it to my wishlist. In case you've forgotten, I still need toys)

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