Saturday, July 19, 2008

GROOMERS a necessary evil

The unspoken for all of us blessed with Bichoness is the ritual one must engage to maintain our looks. Even those of us blessed with God given beauty (I am blushing here) have to submit to rigors of grooming. It is an unspoken. Between Bichons rarely does one mention that word in polite company. The connotation is simply too much to bear as a collective experience. Look, we are a proud breed. Yet, each one of us who is lucky enough to be cared for must routely surrender all dignity to a 2 legged who will brush, wash, comb out, brush, clip, brush, cut, brush, blow out, brush, trim, brush, fluff, brush... you get the idea. A good groomer will actually go over your entire body with the proverbial fine tooth comb. They will spot health issues that maybe your 2legged did not notice yet. A good groomer will not allow you to overheat under the dryer, and will give you water and bathroom brakes. I shudder at the thought of a bad groomer. Aside from the obvious bad haircut that leaves you poodlelish...or baldish... or sheepish... until it grows out, (ick) you can get nicks, nails cut too short, scrapes from the razor, chemicals in your eyes... I even heard of poor dogs being dropped from the grooming table! But we must trust and endure. Trust that our too legged are vigilant owners and choose a good groomer. (Silvieon 2 is the groomer NAZI... love watching her go off when she sees a bad groomer) And endure. Endure we must because once we are all clean, scented as YOU like it (if you could add a bit of crab to my scent, it could be perfect- I like crab scent- Hey I live in Chesepeake!)we are IRRESISTIBLE. And there are a few perks. A good groom must be validated. It needs to be seen, admired, ogled at and you go out and show it off. ( Say it with me... RIDEEEEEE yeah!) Love going to my fav pet shop post grooming. The foot traffic alone guarantees it was all worth it. Ever see a human ignore 3 freshly groomed Bichons in a shopping cart? If they have a soul or a brain they respond with oohs and ahhs. God forbid they should ask who our breeder was, Silvieon2 will re educated them on rescue. :) I really like that. A lot. Public service and all that rot.

Silvieon2 just reminded that humans go through grooming rituals as wells. Hair cuts, shaving, nails, head wax (that's worthy of its own post at some point!) blah blah blah. Yea. You are an insecure species. Unable to accept yourselves as you are and passing your foibles on to us, your pets... I forgive you , just love me. [That is our weakness]

Anyway, I got groomed yesterday. Aside from the stupid frou frou ribbon (which I will "lose" at any moment) I think I look great. JD thinks so. Wendy looks good too. And JD looks Bichon perfect. Maybe. Maybe later I will post pics. Right now, I have some cappuccino foam to polish off and a belly that is aching for a rub. It is a lazy sat.

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