Sunday, July 13, 2008

VINCERO` I will win....

"Nessun dorma! Nessun dorma! Tu pure, o Principessa, nella tua fredda stanza, guardi le stelle che tremano d'amore, e di speranza!" {Yea Wendy... really}

"Ma il mio mistero è chiuso in me; il nome mio nessun saprà! No, No! Sulla tua bocca lo dirò quando la luce splenderà!"

"Ed il mio bacio scioglierà il silenzio che ti fa mia!"
"Il nome suo nessun saprà... E noi dovrem, ahimè, morir, morir!"
"Dilegua, o notte! Tramontate, stelle! Tramontate, stelle! All'alba vincerò! Vincerò! Vincerò! " {JD he who laughs last....and all that rot}

Nessun dorma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

VIDEO Luciano Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma - Puccini - Turandot - Olimpiadi di Torino 2006

So, all night, in my little head I heard Turandot. All night in my little heart I plotted my revenge. yup- VINCERO`. I promise I will win!

Sometimes, no music fits life better than opera. And Puccini expresses emotions both with common appeal and fresh rawness. Like they are being felt for the first time and yet you know exactly what they are all about. I am Calaf! I have been up all night. As I watched JD and Wendy fall asleep, I plotted my revenge. Vincero`.

I got lots of holding and soothing from Silvieon2. She said that I should not take things so seriously, that this was all in jest and that everybody goes through stuff like this at some point in their lives. Well, I am not everybody. I am mad.

sign me Calaf

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