Wednesday, July 9, 2008


There are some things in my life I have become accustomed to. I know some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking high fashion collars and Coach raingear. Those are nice. But I am talking about the little "rituals" that make life richer, more enjoyable. Little things. My good morning belly rub I get from Silvieon2. Love it. It just lets me know it is going to be a great day. That is a ritual. I generally get it every day. I love the morning frumpt I get from JD. He sniffs me up and then frumpts at me. Sort of "you are still here?" And my Wendy. My Wendy tries to outbounce me down the stairs every morning. Of course she wins. I let her. It is part of our ritual. It is a ritual to never gobble food. Take a piece, eat it slowly. Walk away. Wait a bit. Go back and nibble another piece. I know my food will be there (unless Wendy gets to it). I look forward to the ritual of getting my leash on before a walk. I get the leash on first. I am the baby.
Daddy says I cannot be trusted not to bolt. :) Well, I do get impatient at times. Wendy is next and JD is last. But part of our ritual is to let JD take the lead. Respect, tradition and all that.
Going for a ride carries its own rituals. We all watch as Silvieon2 gets her cell phone, keys, purse. The excitement builds and we head toward the door. You see, who ever gets in the car first has first choice of seat. Far left. middle of far right. The whole back seat is ours. We have beds, harnesses and toys! I like the middle seat. I am the wanderer. I love walking from the back to the front. But I am only allowed to do that if the car is stopped. In any case, ultimately, Wendy will get her way, she will be behind the passenger, I will be in the center seat and JD will be behind the driver. But all bets are off if we see another dog or a duck or a horse or a squirrel or a garbage truck. Love those trucks. They eat garbage! Oh and if we are at a bridge that is about to go up, JD gets to go upfront. He loves watching it go up. You know how it dings? Silvieon2 will say "JD ding ding" and JD will immediately go upfront and he will assume his position and he will watch until that bridge is returned down and traffic resumes. :) It is his ritual. He has a lot of rituals. My human sister will ask him "JD where do you belong?" and he will jump in her lap. I cannot speak about the ritual JD has with my human brother. It is just too weird. Wendy has a nightly ritual which gives her comfort and joy. Silvieon2 rubs her belly, holds her and they talk (for like the longest forever time!... gets reallyyyy annoying- no I am not jealous. Maybe a little. Ok so what if I am jealous?) My absolutely fav ritual is the dixie cup. Every night, after we have all gotten ready for bed, Silvieon2 brings us a dixie cup full of water and we all have a drink. It is sooo cool to drink from a tiny paper cup! We all love it and it is such a treat. It is my fav nightly ritual.

I think I love rituals because they are predictable, comforting and fun. They let me know my world is ok.

Do you have a ritual? What is your fav ritual?


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