Monday, July 28, 2008

Do Ya know what I MEAN???

Debunking the myth of the all powerful 2legged. I feel I must do this. For all of you Bichons out there who feel powerless and who feel their 2leggeds are all powerful. It is sad, but true, and in a way it is part of growing up. Facing THEIR limitations. Your human is not all powerful. Face it. Really. Think hard. I bet you don't even have to think that far back.

For example, my humans really look and act powerless when they are confronted with the many many wires and plugs of a computer system. Really. They act completely overwhelmed. There are boxes and papers all over... instructions... dvds, much discussion, gesticulations, curses... yes curses... phone calls, long ones, lots of them... rides to the computer store back and forth. It would be comical except that they get so stressed out... Imagine wasting a glorious day like that! I got so bored I whined. That did not make a dent in their awareness. All I know is, we wasted a great day because lightening caused the phone to short the printer and the usb ports. Translation: blah blah blah blah... curses blah...^%&^%%#! If 2leggeds were all powerful, none of that would have happened.

I have also watched 2leggeds totally lose it when the ride machine does not go. Then you get to sit and wait for another human to come with a bigger machine that pulls yours... BOOOOOORING. They lose it when the washing machine throws up clothes... Or when the sink spits up water. I think I made my point. Maybe a more accurate read of the situation would be : Humans are powerless in the face of machines. Yes... They should hate machines because machines are trouble makers! I am confused. If that is all true, why is it that they always bring new machines in the house? They like trouble?

I am not allowed to stalk and jump on the roomba. Yet that machine is always beeping for something! And it owes me a chewie. It ate it. It did. It is a thieving nasty machine.

The dryer makes the clothes warm, but it screams for attention. The oven and the microwave also beep for attention... and then there is this thing. It screams and beeps any time the 2leggeds burn something. It is so loud. Then the 2leggeds run around opening doors and windows. Well, I think I have made my point. In the face of machines, 2 leggeds are not powerful.

So, my advice. If your 2legged is stressing over a machine, offer up a soft belly. Comfort them.

Be patient. Remember they do not cope with being outwitted by anything.
Snuggle up America!

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