Sunday, July 13, 2008



JD and Wendy came back from their walk today and found poor me all bandaged up and seemingly sedated. I had Silvieon2 explain to them that I somehow had gotten the idea that Bichons could fly if they had enough faith in themselves to do so... a la Peter Pan...

Wonder where little old me would get such a crazy dangerous idea! Anyway... my alleged "flight" supposedly resulted in many many broken bones.... much much pain.... and a long long precarious recovery process ahead of us which will require all the attention of all the 2leggeds, all the money and all the love and all the chicken treats and belly scratches. Sacrifices will have to be made by all. And all because of some stupid stupid stunt. Silvieon2 said she was so mad that if she ever found out who lied to me, she would cook them slowly like a cholent.

You should have seen JD hanging down his head... Wendy could not even be in the room. She took a peak at me and ran downstairs to hide. ( I am such a good little actress! I had them both sooooo scared and worried.)

I was left to "nap" while the momma and daddy went to prepare some lovely din din for me . JD and Wendy were instructed to stay away from me. But each snuck into the bedroom and each could barely look at me without tears. The guilt was digesting their little soul. It was delicious to watch. Ahhh sweet sweet revenge. JD swore to always protect me and to always take care of me. Wendy just blubbered "Mea culpa mea culpa". Both offered me toys. Both sat quietly hanging on my every sigh. OMG I wish I could bottle that feeling of power!
Then I heard those 3 magical, all healing all powerful, miraculous words: "Dinner is ready".
I opened my eyes, shook off the bandages and wend downstairs for my Sunday dinner.
Yum. Power and revenge are great appetizers!
Revenge by guilt- executed to perfection- when you love enough to get even !
'vie Streep

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