Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ohh such sweet SLEEP

In my house the best sleep happens in the middle of the big bed, when I am squished between my pack. Wendy above me, JD below me and my humans at either side of me. You know you are "home". You are warm, safe and comfy. The sleep is even better when you wake up because someone snuck downstairs and someone is cooking up some delicious yum that is smelling up the house. You know it. Bacon or pancetta smell is the best alarm clock. It is a gentle awakener. No harsh beeps, no loud music, no reality intrusion. None of that. Instead, a gentle nudge into a better reality. Your body simply pushes you to wake up and go make yourself known so that your share of heaven is not eaten by some other fluff. [Wendy really!] Ohh I also like the smell of the potato galette. You know how the inside is all creamy like mashed potato and the outside is crispy and full of herbs? Well I am an inside girl. I love a tablespoon of galette next to my pancetta (they are soooo stingy with that around here! Some day I want to eat a pound of it!)
I am a Bichon.... I am reluctant to leave the bed until all the smells tell me that the food is plated.
I know the sequence... pancetta, galette, cantaloupe and lemon [ick], toasted brioche and mascarpone (OMG that is like the best cheese momma makes), eggs, and coffee. When I smell the capuccino, 'tis time to high tail it downstairs. Saunter down, give them all kisses and licks, prop your front paws on one of them and do body stretches. That lets them know you have "chosen" them to cater your meal. :) Life is good. Feed me.



Anonymous said...

Dear Silvie:

Your playlist is obnoxious, your posts have been depressing, and your armpits are too fuzzy. And you have an underbite.

I'm looking for a better doggie blog.


silvieon4 said...

anonymous... mhh would you be the same guy who thinks my nostrils are not fuzzy enough? Me thinks you resent that I am here enjoying galette and pancetta, and YOU ARE NOT... Go shop for other doggie blogs. I know what to do with the stuff in your room...

Your head tastes like Doritos.